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Effortlessly connect your HDMI monitor to a DVI-D port with this versatile adapter cable. Made in China, this black, 2-meter cable bridges the gap between devices, supporting HDMI High Speed for high-quality video transmission. It features a male HDMI connector on one end and a male DVI-D on the other. Weighing 162 grams, this standard, external cable is perfect for gaming setups or multimedia stations, offering reliable connectivity and robust performance.

Sharkoon adapter cable HDMI > DVI-D (black, 2 meters, dual link, 24+1)

SKU: 1100931
Sales Tax Included
Only 3 left in stock
Type adapter
Color black
EAN 4044951015214
Made in China
Application example

For connecting an HDMI monitor to a DVI-D port

Area Audio/Video
from 1x HDMI (male)
on 1x DVI-D (male)
Video classification

HDMI High Speed

taps 2
Characteristics external
execution default
Cable length 2 metres
Weight 162 grams

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