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Enhance your gaming setup with this TKL Compact mechanical keyboard, featuring tactile Gateron G Pro 2.0 Brown switches for a responsive gaming experience. It supports NKRO/Anti-Ghosting for accurate simultaneous keystrokes. The keyboard sports a striking blue color with light blue and white accents. It comes with dynamic RGB lighting, though without LED effects. Designed for customization, it offers hot swap capability, macro support, and includes additional/replacement buttons. While it lacks multimedia buttons, a USB pass-through, and a touchpad, it provides a solid build with a PBT material body. The keyboard connects via a USB Type-C and comes with a 190-209 cm cable. Note: It does not include a palm rest.

Montech MKey TKL Freedom Gaming Keyboard - GateronG Pro 2.0 Brown

SKU: GATA-2506
Sales Tax Included
Only 5 left in stock
Key type mechanically
Keyboard size/type TKL Compact (75 - 80%)
Switches Gateron G Pro 2.0 Brown
NKRO / Anti Ghosting Yes
main color Blue
Accent color Light blue, white
lighting Yes
lighting color RGB
LED effects no
Multimedia buttons no
USB pass through No
Hot swap Yes
Language layout US English
Macro support Yes
Touchpad no
Connection type USB Type C
Palm rest no
Cable length 190 to 209 cm
material PBT
Additional/replacement buttons incl. Yes

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