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The Intel® Core™ i7 14700K, a 14th Gen Raptor Lake-S processor, is a powerhouse for desktops. It features 20 cores (8 Performance + 12 Efficient) and 28 threads, providing a base clock of 3.40GHz for P-Cores and 2.50GHz for E-Cores. Its automatic overclocking soars up to 5.60GHz with Turbo Boost Max 3.0, ensuring top-notch performance. The processor includes a 28MB L2 cache and a 33MB L3 cache, built on Intel’s advanced 7nm Enhanced SuperFin technology. With a TDP of 125 watts and integrated Intel UHD Graphics 770, it offers robust graphics capabilities. Note that it comes in a boxed version without a cooler and is based on the B0 core stepping.

Intel S1700 CORE i7 14700K TRAY GEN14

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Model Intel® Core™ i7 (14th Gen - Raptor Lake-S) 14700K
base Base 1700
cores 20 (8C+12c)
threads 28 (16+12)
Clock frequency 3.40GHz (P-Core), 2.50GHz (E-Core)
automatic overclocking 5.60GHz (Turbo Boost Max 3.0), 5.50GHz (P-Core), 4.30GHz (E-Core)
L2 cache 28MB (8x 2MB + 12x 1MB)
L3 cache 33MB
Manufacturing technology Intel 7 (10nm Enhanced SuperFin, Intel)
TDP 125 watts
integrated graphics Intel UHD Graphics 770 (iGPU)
version boxed (without cooler)
Core stepping B0

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