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The 750W power supply is designed for gamers and PC enthusiasts, featuring a robust AC input voltage range of 200-240V and a 50/60Hz frequency. It's equipped with an active power factor correction (PFC) filter, ensuring a power factor of 0.9 for efficient energy use. This unit delivers a combined power of 750W on the +12V rail, with maximum output currents of 20A for both +3.3V and +5V, and 62.5A for +12V. It maintains energy protection with overcurrent, overload, overvoltage, and short circuit safeguards. The PSU comes with a 24-pin ATX motherboard connector, 8 SATA, 2 Molex, and 4 PCI Express 6+2 pin connectors, along with a 4+4 pin CPU connector. This non-modular unit features a 12cm fan for active cooling, a convenient on/off switch, and adheres to the 80 PLUS bronze certification for efficiency. The PSU's dimensions are 150mm in width, 140mm in depth, and 86mm in height, all contained in a sleek black design. The package includes CPU, PCIe, Peripheral (Molex), and SATA cables.

FSP HYDRO K PRO 750 ATX 3.0 750W

SKU: 125926
Sales Tax Included
Overall performance 750W
AC input voltage 200 - 240V
AC input frequency 50/60Hz
Input current 6 A
Power factor 0.9
Power factor correction filter (PFC) Active
Combined current (+3.3V) 100W
Combined power (+12V) 750W
Combined current (+5V) 100W
Combined current (-12V) 3.6W
Combined current (+5Vsb) 12.5W
Max. output current (+3.3V) 20A
Max. output current (+12V) 62.5A
Max output current (+5V) 20A
Max. output current (-12V) 0.3A
Max. output current (+5Vsb) 2.5A
Hold time 17 ms
Efficiency 0.88
Energy protection properties Overcurrent, overload, overvoltage, short circuit

Connections and interfaces

Motherboard connector plug 24-pin ATX
Number of SATA power connectors 8th
Number of Molex connectors 4pin 2
Number of PCI Express power connectors 6+2pin 4
CPU connector (4+4 pin) Yes

Connections and interfaces

ATX power connector (24-pin) Yes
Floppy drive power connection 1
Floppy drive connector Yes
Cable type Non-modular
80 Plus certification 80 PLUS bronze
Purpose PC
Power supply unit (PSU) form factor ATX
ATX version 2.52
EPS version 2.92
Bearing type HYB
Product color Black
cooling Active
Fan diameter 12cm
Number of fans 1 fan
Fan placement Above
On/off switch Yes
scope of delivery  
Cables included CPU, PCIe, Peripheral (Molex), SATA

Weight and dimensions

Width 150mm
depth 140mm
Height 86mm

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