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This black Y power cable, with EAN 4044951018901 and made in China, is an essential internal power supply accessory for gaming PCs. It features a 20 cm length and connects a single 15-pin SATA male to two 15-pin SATA males, facilitating the expansion of internal power connections. Weighing only 26 grams, it's lightweight yet robust, perfect for neatly powering multiple SATA devices without cluttering your setup.

Sharkoon SATA Y Power Cable Y Cable (black, 20cm)

SKU: 1246177
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Type Y cable
Color black
EAN 4044951018901
Made in China
Application example Y power cable
Area Power supply

1x 15-pin SATA (male)


2x 15-pin SATA (male)

Characteristics internal
Cable length 20 cm
Weight 26 grams

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