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This high-speed HDMI cable, perfect for HD and 3D TV, offers superior connectivity for your gaming and multimedia needs. Made in China, this durable black cable features male HDMI connectors on both ends, supporting HDMI High Speed with Ethernet for enhanced video quality and network capability. Ideal for connecting devices with HDMI interfaces, it's an essential component for any audio/video setup, ensuring a seamless and high-quality multimedia experience.

Sharkoon High Speed ​​HDMI cable with Ethernet (black, 3 meters)

SKU: 73348
Sales Tax Included
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Type Cable
Color black
EAN 4044951008988
Made in China
Application example

High speed cable for HD and 3D TV

Area Audio/Video
from 1x HDMI (male)
on 1x HDMI (male)
Video classification

HDMI High Speed ​​with Ethernet

Characteristics external
execution default
Further information

For connecting devices with an HDMI interface.

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