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Elevate your gaming rig with this 32GB DDR5 memory module, offering a blazing-fast 4800 MHz clock speed and tight CL40 latencies. Operating at an efficient 1.1V with ECC support, it ensures data integrity and stable performance. The module, devoid of lighting, sports a sleek black design with green accents and a compact height of 34.9mm, fitting seamlessly into any modern gaming setup. Perfect for gamers and professionals seeking reliable, high-speed memory without the frills of RGB.

SAMSUNG RDIMM LP, DDR5-4800, CL40, ECC reg, 32 GB - bulk

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Only 4 left in stock
Storage type DDR5
Number of modules 1
Memory size (total) 32GB
RAM clock speed in MHz 4,800
Latencies CL40
Voltage in V 1.1
ECC support Yes
lighting no
main color Black
Accent color Green
Module height 34.9mm

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