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Secure your JUICE CONNECTOR adapter against theft quickly and easily with this combination lock.

The specialised design of the lock sling fits precisely into the rib of the adapter retaining ring, thereby preventing anyone from pulling back the retaining ring and disconnecting the adapter. Freely selectable number combination. 

Also fits the JUICE-CONNECTOR extension cable.

Experience so far has shown that adapters cannot be removed and stolen even if they aren’t locked. That could change, of course, the more e-vehicles are on the road. Those who wish to prevent such theft will be well served by this lock. It prevents not only theft, but also any unwanted unplugging of a charging connection – because nobody wants to wake up to find their e-car hasn’t been recharged simply because some prankster unplugged the adapters.

Please note that, in the interest of offering an affordable solution, we have not designed the lock to be 100% waterproof. Given extended use exposed to moisture, the lock may (but won’t necessarily) corrode, potentially causing it to function less well over time. This is why the warranty does not cover corrosion. 

Juice Technology security lock(black, for JUICE CONNECTOR)

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