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The JUICE CHARGER me is small, inexpensive and easy to use. The wallbox can even be controlled automatically via the LAN connection using the charging/load management. The 11 kW version can be used universally. Whether in the garage at home, the private parking lot or carport, but also in parking lots of hotels, golf courses, tennis courts, fitness centers - the possibilities for indoor and outdoor use are unlimited. As one of the first wall boxes, the JUICE CHARGER me is equipped as standard for the "Plug and Charge" charging standard (ISO 15118). Activation via RFID also opens up cars that do not yet support "Plug and Charge". The charging station is delivered completely pre-configured from the factory and is immediately ready for use without any further settings.

Juice Technology JUICE CHARGER me (black/silver, 11 kW, 5 m cable, RFID)

SKU: 1849120
Sales Tax Included
Expect 5 to 10 days for item to be delivered

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