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This black Y adapter cable, with EAN 4043619654598 and model number 65459, is designed for audio applications. It features a 3.5mm 4-pin female connector splitting into two 3.5mm 3-pin male connectors, ideal for connecting a single audio source to two outputs. Measuring 12cm in length and weighing a mere 5 grams, it's a convenient and portable solution for your audio splitting needs, maintaining a neat and efficient setup. This external, easy-to-use cable is perfect for those who need a simple yet effective audio distribution solution.

DeLOCK adapter 3.5mm (socket) > 2x3.5mm (plug), Y-cable (black, 12cm)

SKU: 1166901
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Type Y cable
Color black
EAN 4043619654598
Manufacturer no. 65459
Application example Adapter cable
Area Audio

1x 3.5mm audio 4Pin (female)


2x 3.5mm audio 3Pin (male)

taps 3
Characteristics external
Cable length 12cm
Weight 5 grams

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