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This single-tower CPU cooler, compatible with sockets including 1700, 1200, AM5, and AM4, offers a blend of performance and style. Its dimensions - 127mm wide, 97mm high, and 155mm deep - make it a compact yet efficient cooling solution. Constructed with a copper base plate and aluminum heatsink, it weighs 695g. The cooler includes a 120mm black fan with RGB lighting, controlled via a 4-pin PWM and a digital RGB connector. It operates quietly between 500 and 1850 RPM with a noise level up to 29dB(A). Capable of handling a TDP of 220 watts, it features four 6mm heat pipes but does not support additional fans.

DeepCool AK400 Digital CPU Cooler - 120mm, black

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CPU socket 1700, 1200, 1155, 1151, 1150, AM5, AM4
CPU cooler design Single Tower
Fan connection 4-Pin (PWM control)
CPU cooler width (exact) 127mm
CPU cooler height (exact) 97mm
CPU cooler depth (exact) 155mm
CPU cooler width 120 to 129mm
CPU cooler height 90 to 99mm
CPU cooler depth 150 to 159mm
Base plate material copper
Heatsink material aluminum
Weight in g (exact) 695
Weight in g 600 - 700g
max. revolution (exact) 1,850 rpm
min. revolution (exact) 500 rpm
max. volume (exact) 29dB(A)
max. revolution 1,500 - 1,999 rpm
min. revolution 500 - 749 rpm
max. volume 25 - 29 dB(A)
TDP 220 watts
Number of heat pipes 4
Diameter heat pipes 6mm
CPU cooler fan included 1x 120mm
Heatsink color Black
Fan color Black
Additional fan can be installed no
lighting Yes
lighting color RGB
RGB/LED connectors 1x Digital RGB (3-Pin 5VDG)
Ventilation type active

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